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Love Endures

We visited my sister-in-law, Norma, and her husband, Dale, earlier this month for Norma’s birthday.  They live independently in a graduated –care facility.  Dale is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease as are many of the people in residence there. Church services … Continue reading

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Love: The Measure of Love

Lula Bell, 24+, passed away this past Monday, February 19, at home.  She was preceded in death by her son, John, and her sister, Maw.  The family held a private ceremony in the back pasture. Bell was the last of … Continue reading

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Love: Destroying Enemies?

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make them my friends?” Abraham Lincoln. I have in my notes that this was quoted at the morning service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett five years ago today.  It raised … Continue reading

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Love: Habits

I am paying a little more attention these days to the habits that leave their mark on my life.  Recently, what was our last family pet, a beloved dog, passed away.  I say “last family pet” because, at 18, she … Continue reading

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Love: The Dandelions

Love the Dandelions A traditional Sufi story Mullah Nasrudin decided to start a flower garden. He tilled the soil and planted the seeds of many beautiful flowers. When the flowers came up, however, they were accompanied by a nearly equal … Continue reading

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