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Summer Break until July 1, 2017

Maybe you are old enough to know the context.  Just a humorous way to say–oh yes, by the way, we are taking a break for the month of June.  The Words will be back July 1. In the meantime, our … Continue reading

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Journeys: Thirsty

Life on earth began in water, and all life on earth depends on water.  Our emergence from and reliance on water is one of the most tangible and deepest connections between all manner of life – from humans to puppies … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Take a Breath

We take our first breath the moment we are born, and not until our last breath at the moment we die do we cease to depend on the air that surrounds us.  Although most of us rarely attend conscious thought … Continue reading

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Sowing: Growth and Potential

It is difficult to fathom the notion that a seed no larger than a quick-cook oat has within it the potential to grow into a giant redwood tree.  It is a challenge to wrap one’s mind around the idea that … Continue reading

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Sowing: Containers that Nurture

After the Sunday service couple of weeks ago, I asked my son how his Religious Exploration class went that day. He is in the Earth group, and he has been enthusiastic about sharing their plans for garden spaces on UUCG’s … Continue reading

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Ecology–Permaculture: Observe, Interact, Catch and Store

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.  These three relationships of permaculture principles reflect our Unitarian Universalist principles, not the least of which are our respect for the dignity of all beings and our recognition of the interdependent web of … Continue reading

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