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Humility: Rising With Humility

Another container that holds the meaning of humility for me I call “Rising with Humility” – over the last few weeks Bob and I have been binging the British Baking Show at night after dinner. We usually can stay awake … Continue reading

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Humility: The Risk of Failing

“In 1968, in response to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a third grade teacher, Ms. Jane Elliott, in all-white, all-Christian, Riceville, Iowa, involved her students in an exercise in discrimination based on eye color. It was her … Continue reading

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Humility: Love Ourselves and Support Each Other

Bill shared this reflection in the Sunday Service, March 11, 2018. My name is Bill Benshoof and my pronouns are he, him, and his.   My story is about how I have come to understand my leadership journey with the … Continue reading

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Love Endures

We visited my sister-in-law, Norma, and her husband, Dale, earlier this month for Norma’s birthday.  They live independently in a graduated –care facility.  Dale is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease as are many of the people in residence there. Church services … Continue reading

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Love: The Measure of Love

Lula Bell, 24+, passed away this past Monday, February 19, at home.  She was preceded in death by her son, John, and her sister, Maw.  The family held a private ceremony in the back pasture. Bell was the last of … Continue reading

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Love: The Dandelions

Love the Dandelions A traditional Sufi story Mullah Nasrudin decided to start a flower garden. He tilled the soil and planted the seeds of many beautiful flowers. When the flowers came up, however, they were accompanied by a nearly equal … Continue reading

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Justice: It’s Hard Work

For just as the body without the spirit is dead, faith without works is also dead.  James 2:26 Why are we still talking about inclusivity and diversity when we have done so little to make them real? Why are we … Continue reading

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December 31–Hope: The Work of Christmas

When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and princes are home, When the shepherds are back with their flock, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, … Continue reading

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December 11–Hope: American Christmas 2017

For certain ones of our public figures to call themselves Christians is not only absurd, but obscene. Regardless of your belief in the literal Christ, the metaphorical Christ has a story that is true and life-affirming. Christmastime focuses on Christ … Continue reading

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December 6–Hope: Finding My Voice

Going through airport security recently my carry on was pulled and I waited while the airport attendant went through my bag. She told me what she was about to do and that I could not add or remove anything from … Continue reading

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