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Return Again: Coming Home

“Coming home” won’t always be a pleasant experience immediately, and I didn’t anticipate that truth happening to me.  My feelings when I touched down back in Atlanta, after almost ten months of calling another city and other people “home,” were … Continue reading

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All is Welcome Here: the Gateless Gate

Gates are potential openings in walls and fences, but until they are open they are barriers themselves.  Frequently they are locked and to enter we must have the combination or key.  We all have our walls and fences that surround … Continue reading

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Come, Come Whoever You Are–to the Mother

This Spring is there something worth a celebration of the newness and the arrival of good in your life? Has a needed, wanted person come back into your story?  Do you need to go get someone from the underworld (like … Continue reading

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Fire of Commitment: Fired Up and Ready to Go

I know that I need to be present with my Beloved Community now more than ever before in my life. The level of danger and tension in my World, Country, State, County, and Neighborhood looms as large to me as … Continue reading

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Fire of Commitment: Bellows

We heat our house with wood. It’s amazing how much warmth is generated by a three-foot soapstone box in the living room. On a cold night in January (yes, there were a few of those), the house was noticeably chilly. … Continue reading

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Fire of Commitment: Let Surprise Come

I grew up in New York. It snowed every winter. I remember one night when a blizzard was in full swing and my mom and dad had my older brothers and my sister outside with them shoveling the walks and … Continue reading

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Woyaya: Heaven Knows How, but . . .

I’m learning to play the banjo. One thing I’ve discovered as I’ve aged is that my fingers don’t always do what my brain commands. In fact, there are times they behave something like the broken springs in a cartoon clock. … Continue reading

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Woyaya: Pilgrimage

I am a big fan of synchronicity, the connection that can be found between randomly occurring events; I experienced one such unexpected moment recently.  I serve on the sabbatical committee at church, helping the congregation travel the days to come … Continue reading

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Woyaya: Already Going

This is the time of year that we tend to line up all our faults and one by one proclaim how we’ll change them. I’ll be less sarcastic. I’ll be more organised. I’ll get things done well before the deadline. … Continue reading

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Love Makes a Bridge: Connection Through Writing

I find that every day I make a connection with myself.  I write something I didn’t know I had the ability to, or I speak of things beyond my own imagination.  I see a new side of myself every single … Continue reading

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