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Sustenance: Relationships

People amaze me.  Sometimes that amazement is inspiring!  Recently, it was the department store clerk who, on my behalf, called every level of her supervisors to my aid to make my transaction work.  She did it in a way that let … Continue reading

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Flight: Everyday Heroes

About a week ago I went for a walk with my ten year-old son and our next door neighbor’s nine year-old daughter, in our surrounding neighborhood.  Before we even got off our street, we encountered a puppy running around loose … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: From ‘I Am’ to ‘We Are’

Things are not always as they seem. Transformation might involve seeing things from a different perspective – stepping away from what you are to see what you will become… I am sitting in IHOP, wanting to work on a very … Continue reading

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Sowing: Metagenomics, science as metaphor

There is a relatively new field of scientific study called metagenomics.  Just as geneticists are tracking the human genome, they are also tracking the genomes of myriad living things.  In the world of microbiology, tracking the genomics of a pathogen … Continue reading

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Sowing: Star Trek: Connected by Our Differences

“I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.” -Surak of Vulcan, Star Trek: TOS, episode #77, “The Savage Curtain” There are few pop culture phenomena that serve … Continue reading

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Sowing Magic

Sowing seeds is an act of faith.  You take a few specks, press them into some dirt, give them a drink, and then… really, you’re dependent on magic for the rest.  But magic does deliver, else we wouldn’t continue to … Continue reading

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Ecology: Standing on the Side of Love

Almost three weeks ago, the Atlanta area experienced an “extreme weather event”, the effects of which were so catastrophic that they made national news.  People were stranded for hours on the icy roads, in freezing temperatures, without food or water.  … Continue reading

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Ecology – Permaculture: Valuable Resources, No Waste

Where in our lives do we consume nature’s resources?  Where in our lives do we allow nature to provide us with renewable resources?  These are the fifth and sixth principles of permaculture–principles which we can apply both to our interactions … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – Ecology of Love

With this theme of ecology, we are spending this month honoring our connection to the environment.  We see the results of our self-centered carelessness in the many environmental crises that we face today.  We know that our actions have to … Continue reading

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Storehouse: All Our Relations

Mitakuye Oyasin is a Lakota phrase that reflects the belief that all life is interconnected. Often translated as “all our relations,” I usually encounter this phrase at the beginning or end of a Lakota prayer, or other prayers written by … Continue reading

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