About us

Words of Wisdom? is a ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett.

Each month, our community focuses on a particular theme.  Through this blog, we invite you to explore these themes with us through daily reflections that may become for you a way of finding wisdom in your day.  Or, they may lead you to your own reflections that deepen wisdom.

That’s why we call this blog “Words of Wisdom” QUESTION MARK.  That little question mark is our invitation for you to join the reflection.  We welcome you to share your thoughts by adding comments below each post.

You may visit the blog each day, follow links you see on Facebook or other social media, or sign up to receive the daily Words in your email.  You can receive these emails by using the subscription box on the main page.

Christiana McQuain and Robert Patrick are the editors of the “Words of Wisdom?” blog.

Thank you for visiting.