Justice: Our Interactions

Justice.  The roots of this word are ancient.  They appear all over the Latin language, but Latin was a late arrival.  The Sanskrit word “yu” is the root, which means to join.

To join. Justice is a joining.

The Latin adds to that a binding, an obliging, a right, a law, justice.

Justice is something that binds us, obliges us, gives us rights, and establishes laws.

We get so many words from this ancient root, yu.  Justice, jurisprudence, jury, judge, judicial, judiciary,  judgment, judgmental, injury, injurious, conjugal, conjugate,  injunction, injustice, prejudice.

Just in these few words look at what the ancient root word touches on in our society: law, trials, decisions, power, social separation, social satisfaction, health, marriage, language, complaint, oppression and human intelligence.

Justice seems to touch every area of our lives.  Justice, it seems, just from a literary standpoint, is about how we interact with one another.

And yet, it’s not just about cool observation, is it?  Justice is how we interact with one another guided by something else.  What might that be?

Bob Patrick

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  1. Lydia Patrick says:

    It should be guided by a strong sense of humanity and interconnectedness.

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