Feeling Love

Some have said that love is not a feeling. I disagree. I have a warm, glowing sensation in my chest when I sit and cuddle with or hold hands with my beloved. Or when I pet my cat. Or when I hug an intimate friend. Or when I feel warm sunshine shining down on me as I sit by a stream or in a garden. Or when I hear a beautiful melody and hear harmonies or when I hear words that inspire me. And sometimes, I feel it for myself when I forgive myself for the many mistakes and missteps I have taken on my journey! And then sometimes I feel this love for all of life and existence itself! 

This results sometimes in actions towards other beings, when I want to share, when I feel them to be a part of me. And sometimes because bringing pleasure or mitigating suffering just feels like what I want to do in the core of my being! 

I have done good things out of a sense of obligation, or to fit in, or even as a quid pro quo.  They still result in good, but I can’t sustain those actions without the loving feelings in my gut and breast that are very personal, yet connect me to other beings in my heart! This is what motivates me to speak up for justice or the interconnected web of all life, and to pay attention to live my life in harmony and compassion for all that I share it with! 

~Daniel Bailey

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  1. katrina says:

    This is a good description of ACTS of Love. In the end , obligatory acts have a positive effect ,,,,a win win situation, but not as sustainable. Acts of Love from your core tap into your wellspring of desire and compassion, straight from the heart, It doesn’t deplete the well.

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