Is Love the Warp and the Weft of the Web?

Not the World Wide Web, but the infinite, all that is, was and ever will be Web of Life? Is it love that holds all of “THIS” together? Is the illusion of separation and our transactional culture pulling this web … and all of us … into real separation that will lead to our demise? 

There are so many types of love and so many ways to express and share our love with others. I’ve been obsessed with the concept of love since my early adolescence… truly looking for love in ALL the wrong places with many of the WRONG people.

I was obsessed for some time with the concept of a loving God… and pretty sure that even such a God couldn’t love the teen-age me. For many years, I discarded the idea of God so I wouldn’t have to struggle with that relationship any longer. 

Later, as I grew into my Universalist roots, I leaned into the idea that God is Love. My explorations into the divine led me to Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh, and Michael Dowd’s Thank God for Evolution. These were pivotal resources for me in embracing the idea that God is all that was, is, and ever will be – the very essence of life, the warp and weft of the web that holds all Beings (humans as well as rivers, oceans, trees, rocks, birds, bees, bears… ALL that IS). And I do believe this web is woven from a Love so large it can indeed hold us all.

In seminary, it was in a UU Theology course taught by Rev. Dr. Thandeka, when I connected my concept of God with human consciousness. It’s also where I learned that we are each ultimately dependent. No Beings on this planet can exist or survive, let alone thrive, on their own. Independence is an illusion. Interdependence is a fundamental reality.

Through all these influences, I came to understand humans as uniquely capable of manifesting an abiding, sustaining love in this world – drawing from the universal energy that holds all of THIS together. This web of love is not something with any form that we can see or hold, but something that humans can manifest and make real in the hearts of our companions on this earth walk.

This concept of love and the divine focuses my heart, my words, my hands and my feet to manifest love, unconditional love, in my encounters with all beings. Do I do this perfectly? Heck no! I fail, cause harm, seek to repair, fall down, get back up, commit to doing it better, rinse, and repeat. 

I am a sojourner seeking to create and support communities of connection, compassion and care. By definition, I can’t do this alone! It takes many companions walking this path together to heal our web of profound interconnectedness. I am grateful for all who have, and do, and will share this journey of love with me. We need one another to repair our broken web.  

~Rev. Jan Taddeo

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2 Responses to Is Love the Warp and the Weft of the Web?

  1. Lydia M Patrick says:

    Love this!

  2. Katrina says:

    It has always been difficult for me to relate to the huge concept of God and Love. Your article on the warp and weft is a perfect analogy. Sometimes we are the warp in the weaving, other times, we are the weft. Your article gives me an opportunity to become more conscious of my place in the web,( in the weaving). Your concept of Love is beautifully integrated into a whole web, like a warp in a weaving that holds the entire piece together, because it is the structure of us. I really liked the homily you shared during worship a couple weeks ago. It was about the differences/similarity between Faith and Beliefs. I see a metaphor . The warp is the strength (our Faith) and the threads we weave into our faith are our beliefs. They both come together through our love, our touch, and our acceptance. You have helped our community with both the warp and the weft, and all the beautiful threads in between.

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