Storehouse: Spirit Meditation

By engaging in practices that strengthen our own inner presence as spiritual beings, we will approach others as spiritual beings.

Robert Sardello, Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness

The labyrinth has for many years now become both a symbol of and a practice in mystery and Spirit for me.  As abstract as that may sound, it also always yields to me some very down to earth reminders of who I and my fellows are.

Recently, while at the beach, I did what we always do at some point.  I went out and began constructing a labyrinth on the beach.  Thanksgiving 2013 516

Members of my family joined in, and before long we had before us this beautiful invitation to walk, to breathe, to slow down, to be here now.Thanksgiving 2013 529

I stood at the opening of the labyrinth and decided to recall my gratitude as I walked. First, it was for what grounds me: health, family, loves, work and calling, friends and community.Thanksgiving 2013 535

Then, the labyrinth called me beyond my thoughts: it was for a path that I can only walk, one step at a time; for boundaries that have guided me, challenged me; for boundaries that I have stepped over in order to do what I had to do; for intersections and choices; for about-face turns in my life; for painful moments that lead to deeper insight, tenderness; moments of deep peace.Thanksgiving 2013 536

Our spiritual practices are multi-valent, are themselves boundless storehouses of wisdom, grace and meaning for us.  We simply have to walk them.

After we made this labyrinth in the sand, knowing that wind and water would soon take it away, we found others accepting the invitation and walking it, too.  Invariably, spiritual practice which we may do for ourselves connects us to all other sentient beings.  For this, we can be deeply grateful.Thanksgiving 2013 560

Bob Patrick

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  1. Christiana says:

    I Love this post, Bob! A beautiful reminder about impermanence and the significance of connection. To me, the beach speaks of infinity, and it’s the perfect environment for this meditation. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s experience here.

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