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Science & Reason: Spiritual Practice

Some Unitarian Universalists struggle with reconciling the concept of spirituality and spiritual practices with their need for a reasonable approach to their religious journey. Yet, deep in our own history is one of the earliest sources for modern-day concepts of … Continue reading

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Foundations: By Heart

Five weeks ago, Rev. Jan introduced the Congregation to the Ritual of the Heart Bowl.   Briefly, the practice is as follows: Each family receives a heart-shaped bowl (lovingly created by someone in the congregation) to keep near the entrance … Continue reading

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The Kitchen: Bread Magic

Baking bread from scratch is an act of diligence, faith, and extreme patience.  I have found nothing as centering as the task of baking bread.  It is an investment of time and energy and focus – deep thought and deep … Continue reading

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Advent (Eternity): Anticipating the New Year

As we know, advent is the coming or arrival of a significant event.  Although Christmas day has come and gone, and the traditional liturgical period of Advent is behind us, we are still anticipating the arrival of something significant: the … Continue reading

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Storehouse: Spirit Meditation

By engaging in practices that strengthen our own inner presence as spiritual beings, we will approach others as spiritual beings. Robert Sardello, Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness The labyrinth has for many years now become both a symbol of and a … Continue reading

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