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Basic Belonging

It seems that when we consider the idea of belonging our first inclination is to think of belonging through our relationships with one another. This is certainly an important aspect of the human yearning for belonging. And, what if just … Continue reading

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Science & Reason: Spiritual Practice

Some Unitarian Universalists struggle with reconciling the concept of spirituality and spiritual practices with their need for a reasonable approach to their religious journey. Yet, deep in our own history is one of the earliest sources for modern-day concepts of … Continue reading

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Foundations: By Heart

Five weeks ago, Rev. Jan introduced the Congregation to the Ritual of the Heart Bowl.   Briefly, the practice is as follows: Each family receives a heart-shaped bowl (lovingly created by someone in the congregation) to keep near the entrance … Continue reading

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The Kitchen: Bread Magic

Baking bread from scratch is an act of diligence, faith, and extreme patience.  I have found nothing as centering as the task of baking bread.  It is an investment of time and energy and focus – deep thought and deep … Continue reading

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Advent (Eternity): Anticipating the New Year

As we know, advent is the coming or arrival of a significant event.  Although Christmas day has come and gone, and the traditional liturgical period of Advent is behind us, we are still anticipating the arrival of something significant: the … Continue reading

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Storehouse: Spirit Meditation

By engaging in practices that strengthen our own inner presence as spiritual beings, we will approach others as spiritual beings. Robert Sardello, Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness The labyrinth has for many years now become both a symbol of and a … Continue reading

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