What Renews You?

(Reposted from September 4, 2023)

What is it that renews you?  I don’t care how long the renewal lasts.  What renews you, for a moment, for an hour, for a day?

How long since you last bent over a sink and splashed cold, running water into your face?  The sudden, breath-taking feeling of the cold water on my face always make me feel, even if for a little while, like there is something new going on, helping me to see that I can change my perspective on anything, if I choose.

Have you ever gone for a walk at the brink of daylight as it began or ended, at either end of the day?  A walk at dawn or at dusk somehow calls me into my heart and into the sky (where all the  color is surging with the extreme changes of sunlight) to ponder both where I am (have been, am going) and how things are in the earth.  This kind of walk at this time of day refreshes my perspective, inside and out.

What simple, daily practices, renew you, change you, and call you into a new moment? Choose one today, and practice it with intention.  Then, open yourself to the Universe.

Bob Patrick

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2 Responses to What Renews You?

  1. Candice Carver says:

    Water renews me, floating in a large pool, lake or spring has always made me feel better physically and mentally. It’s so hard to find the time or place to relax this way though.

  2. katrina yurko says:

    I love that a simple act can open the gateway to the universe. It is the way to exist. The Intentional mindfulness is the key. Thanks for sharing the key….

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