Foundations: Growth

When I look at my children, it is easy for me to see the growth that has taken place over what seems to be a very short period of time.  It often feels as though I blink, and they evolve.  When I look at my own life, though, it is sometimes difficult to recognize how far I have come from where I began.  I have to take the time to consciously examine my personal progress.

Am I the same person that I was a year ago?  Five years ago?  Ten?  I need to remember to give myself credit for the growth that I’ve achieved.

Long ago, in each of our lives, foundations were laid in place upon which we have built our present states of being.  Many of those foundations were inherently solid and they served to provide ample support for our progress toward our goals.  Some may have been weaker, and required us to find or create our own scaffolding which would enable us to remain strong.

And we did.  Through diligent effort and passionate determination, we took the experiences of each day and created the present in which we now reside.   We built what we are upon where we come from.

Look closely at your life.  Even if you are not precisely where you want or had planned to be, acknowledge how far you have come.  The insights you have gained, the wisdom you’ve acquired, the lives you have touched, the achievements you have attained… all a result of your own construction upon the range of experiences you’ve lived.

Even today you are building foundations upon which tomorrow’s evolution will occur.  Celebrate your ability to create your own reality and achieve your own ambitions; not just up to this moment, but well into the future.

~ Christiana

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