Change–And Covid

This Covid thing.  It has rearranged our human landscape in life and death terms. It has rattled our formal and informal ways of being together. It has required “business as usual” in all forms of human business to rethink itself in the short run and in the long run.

All those changes that Covid required of us are still, now, requiring us to think differently.  I find myself constantly thinking something like “when things get back to normal” and yet, it is becoming fairly clear that there is no going back. What we used to know as normal has been violated, and even if we found the old normal to be perfectly acceptable, it is gone. 

It’s gone because Covid has changed our human landscape. If even one person in my field of experience has died or has had their health permanently changed by Covid, there is no returning back to any sort of “normal” where they were a part. A friend commented recently that as weird and strange and cumbersome as zoom once was, in many respects, zoom has become a new safe place that we might find ourselves reluctant to leave. 

Like it or not, we are on a journey toward whatever is next.  We can call it “the new normal” but I’m wondering if part of the meaning we make of living through this pandemic is that normal is a deceiving concept.  We are on a journey. We often journey best when we journey together, and Covid has in many ways required us to see each other, reach for each other, and value each other in ways like never before. What is your journey looking like these days?

~Bob Patrick

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  1. Rita Romero says:

    Covid has changed my life in every way. Even today it’s still a part of me. I don’t think it will leave.

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