Growing Pains

Change is stressful, full stop. Even positive changes in our lives can bring anxiety and stress, and yet, change is unavoidable. Change surrounds us particularly at this time of the year when the air cools and colorful leaves fall from trees. Change envelopes us as the earth travels and day becomes night. Just one look in the mirror reminds me of how much I have changed. Those gray hairs are testimony to the passage of time.

During the pandemic our daily lives changed suddenly and dramatically, and as a people we have now shared a traumatic experience. Behind the disruption of our lives is the new awareness of just how fragile our supply chains, our government and our existence truly are. It’s not exactly an awareness any of us wanted to gain. It’s stressful to know that human life on this planet can be threatened by a resilient germ, and yet, we have adapted to this reality. Face masks, online meetings, booster shots have all become normal everyday occurrences.

Does change exist in the world to prevent us from becoming too comfortable in the status quo? After all we can be creatures of habit and lovers of routine, but we can also stagnate in old ways of thinking. Letting go of the familiar can be frightening, but growth demands we open ourselves to change as we push beyond the confines of our fears and seek the light of new truths.

~Lisa Kiel

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5 Responses to Growing Pains

  1. Peggy A says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for inspiring me to push beyond the confines of my fears, and seek the light of new truths!

  2. Katrina says:

    This is real , a very real perspective on US as we change . We are stronger than we think. We survived a global Pandemic without letting it crush humanity. We didn’t beat the virus but we were able to navigate the uncharted waters and we will do so again. We will be faced with the uncharted future. We remain steadfast within our shared awareness and our resolve . One has to feel safe in order to take on growing pains !
    I have responded to most, if not all of these blog posts but have just today realized that I had not officially subscribed. I guess all that response writing was for not. Did any one get my responses?

    • Bob Patrick says:

      Katrina, I have put all of you responses through. They do show up. Subscribing to the blog, however, will get you notifications of responses.

  3. Rita Romero says:

    Thank you Lisa

  4. katrina yurko says:

    Got It ! I appreciate your being ” Chief editor”” of this blog. Makes a whole lot of sense having a linguist manage the words of wisdom site !

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