How Wolves Save Rivers

What I love so much about this short video entitled, “How Wolves Save Rivers” is how the release of these ‘predators’ absolutely changes a dying wilderness into a green, growing, thriving with life kind of place that seems to embrace change and regrowth at every turn. 

In 1995 Yellowstone workers released 31 gray wolves into the northern range of the park over the span of one year. The results were far more than they ever expected them to be. Vegetation returned to barren valleys and gorges where uncontrolled deer populations had grazed them down to nothing. Trees returned in volume when the ground became fertile again and birds returned to the trees. Beavers came back and built dams for other amphibians and small mammals. The wolves took care of the overrun coyote populations and small mammals returned. Rivers began to maintain natural paths that allowed more vegetation to grown restoring a natural balance to the park. 

I love the idea that letting go of the idea of danger and destruction and allowing something thought to be menacing in can actually provide safe haven to so many parts of nature and life as we know and desire. 

I love how this clip makes me think that everything has its place, even the fearful, hidden parts. I have watched this short video and several of the accompanying stories with wonder and amazement. And fear. 

Fear is healthy and often keeps one away from danger. But fear also can prevent us from seeing another side of life. It can freeze us in a place that becomes stagnant and barren. It can keep us from living. 

I want to live a life that is balanced between fear and anticipation. I want to see beyond my hesitations into what can be possible. I want to be able to allow myself to try, and when first attempts are shaky and unfortunate, to see the possibility that the future still holds enough wonder and success to keep going. 

~Lydia Patrick

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2 Responses to How Wolves Save Rivers

  1. Jen Garrison says:

    This story about the wolves and their impact on their surrounding habitat reminds me of Mufasa talking to Simba about everything being in a delicate balance in their kingdom, such as the antelope eating the grass, and how when we die we become the grass they graze on. That part of the story is one of my favorite scenes from “The Lion King”, and among all the Disney movies I’ve seen. What really impressed me about the wolves was how the water changed shape, because the vegetation was able to grow again. Everything had to be rebalanced for nature to be as it was intended. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Peggy A says:

    Love, love this!

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