The Muses: Finding the Words

My eleven year-old son was privileged to participate in the Worship Service this past Sunday.  He had been invited to offer a reflection about what inspires him, and he was very excited to do it.  But when it came down to the writing, he agonized over what to say.  He wrote, and re-wrote, and deleted a 400-word reflection, and cried in frustration.

On the subject of inspiration, the Muse was simply not alighting on his shoulder.

Is there anyone among us who has not been there?  Agonizing over a task that we feel should come easily?  So consumed with frustration that, even were it hovering over our heads, the achievement of The Thing would seem far out of reach?  When you find yourself there, where do you go to become inspired…?

And then, on Saturday night, he had occasion to dance… And he came away smiling, and he sat down to write:

What is inspiration?
How do you become inspired?
Who is your role-model?

Inspiration is music, inspiration is art, inspiration is a way to find your way…  A guide through.
Interest, right and wrong. 

I am inspired when something old, worn out, broken is made new; becomes art. 

Inspiration shows us the things that an individual thrives on.
Like music, or electronics, or art…

One thing I have always been truly inspired by is music.  Whether I’m dancing, making music, or just listening to music, I find meaning for myself in the lyrics or in the rhythm. 

When I am inspired I am more creative and find myself more productive in any activity.  In every activity. 

I want you to find what inspires you and be thankful for it.
Find the inspiration in every day.  Find it in books, art, music… family.

Find it in you.

“Are you sure that’s all you want to share?”, I asked him.  “You don’t want to talk about dancing and how it makes you feel?  Or how music lifts you up?”

“No”, he replied.  “This is it.  This is enough.”

~ Christiana 

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5 Responses to The Muses: Finding the Words

  1. Lydia says:

    It was perfect.

  2. Peggy Averyt says:

    Yes, your son’s words were more than enough. They were short, sweet, and inspiring. Thank you for them. Thanks to Lydia for another inspiring and creative service, too. Loved it! Peggy

  3. Denise Benshoof says:

    Where’s the “like” button?

  4. Lorin Lastinger says:

    I am so grateful I was able to witness it all…HE is an inspiration!

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