The Playground: Sacred Space

As every child who has sat in school counting the minutes until recess knows, the playground is a sacred space.  The bell rings, signaling release from the structure and goal-directed environment of the classroom, and they can’t wait to get outside where they can engage in self-directed activity and fun.  Aaaaah…

Although for most of us “grown-ups”, time spent on an actual playground is a thing of the past, we each still require someplace to fill this need.  The Playground is a place where your spirit experiences a deep sense of freedom.  The place where you are welcomed and encouraged to do what you enjoy, for no purpose other than enjoyment’s sake.  Organic activity feeding body, mind, and soul.  The place where you have fun.

For some of us this is the ball field or the golf course, but it could just as easily be the garden, the studio, the workshop, the jogging trail, the kitchen, the stage…  (And how glorious for those whose workplace is also their Playground!)

Whether in solitude or among friends, you know you’ve found your Playground when your spirit is singing and your soul is laughing with delight.  Whether physically strenuous or quietly relaxing, you know you’re there when you can smile with an inner sense of serenity and joy.  When your playful spirit is fully engaged, that’s the place.

When your soul is calling you to “come and play”, where are you headed?  Where is your Playground?

~ Christiana

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