We have a small deck in the back of our house that is visible through the kitchen windows. We have deck furniture out there. We have two large hanging ‘nuts and seeds’ bird feeders out there. We also have squirrels. 

Over the years we have gotten pretty creative in our attempts to keep the squirrels from eating everything in site. We are failing. 

We raised the bird feeders up off of the deck ledge. The squirrels learned to leap up from the ledge or down from a tree to land on the hung feeders. 

We got the kind of bird feeders that only open up when a bird sits on the feeder sections. The squirrels learned to hang upside down around the feeders so they can push open the feeder and pull out the seeds. 

We put bird seed on the ledge so the smaller birds can have easier access. The squirrels walk the ledge and gather up as many seeds as they can while the small birds hover waiting for an opening. 

We send Millie out to bark at the squirrels. (Not sure what we would do if she ever actually caught one). 

This year we hit a new low when this one feisty squirrel starting taking stuffing out of one of our deck pillows for nest building. (Our plan for next season is to store the pillows in the garage during the cold months). I watched this squirrel fill up its mouth and jowels with so much stuffing it was scary. Finally, with a beard of filling hanging down its full torso, it waddled off….. 

Imagine if, we as UUs, used this much determination and creativity in living out our principles?

~Lydia Patrick

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2 Responses to Squirrels

  1. Carol Richardson says:

    Yes, imagine……

  2. katrina yurko says:

    Good Analogy Lydia!!!! I can relate ! You turned a pesky little story into a muuch Bigger Picture.

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