The Path to Change

Your feelings are windows to your soul. 

They are valuable teachers with lessons if we acknowledge and make friends with them.  

They make themselves known so that we may know ourselves 

and pay attention to parts of ourselves that need to be addressed 

and sometimes changed in order to live our best lives.

Anxiety teaches me I need outlets.

Depression teaches me I need to live more purposefully.

When I channel my energy with purpose and direction these feelings transform into joy, satisfaction, and sustainable happiness.

The only way to the other side is through.

Life is messy and imperfect.

Do all the good you can, whenever you can, as long as you can. . .

and be kind
to yourself and others. . .

And you will be living your best life.

Surrender and go with the flow.

Feel what you need to feel and seek the support that is always all around you ready and willing to help you once you ask for what you need.

The first step to change is making the choice.

What do you choose today?

I choose my health and my mental well being so that I may show up available and ready to serve all of life which supports me to be my best self.
I choose to embody my niche and do the work that only I can do.

Again, what do you choose today?

~Sharon Yun

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5 Responses to The Path to Change

  1. katrina yurko says:

    Well Ms. Sharon, I feel like folding this prayer up and putting it in my purse so I can read it again, wherever I go. This is so ordinary and so extraordinary at the same time. It comes from not just having a certain amount of life experience, at a certain age, but being Aware you have it and that you can put it into words and weave it into ordinary life. A life well “prayed”. Nice !

  2. katrina yurko says:

    I’m Wondering if I can “borrow” some of these exquisite words of wisdom for my Christmas cards this year> How would this work? I would certainly give credit where credit is due, writing name of author …is that sufficient? Can I get permission from the authors?

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