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My Mask

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. My son was the first person to let me know what I was suffering from. I never knew that I had it. I just worried about everything and I believed that was normal. … Continue reading

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Can the Heart Win This One?

Are we so disconnected from our own souls that we are unable to recognize the soul within another?   –Lisa Kiel True justice and equity will not happen until we see each other as equals.  –Rita Romero The Words that Lisa … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

I’ve always been “husky” as they called it when I was younger. One of my earliest memories is of my Aunt B talking about my chubbiness and how it will come off when I get older, when it didn’t come … Continue reading

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Liberating Love–Letting Go

I find a lot of meaning in seeing patterns, symbols, shapes and repeating dynamics. Anytime. Anywhere. With any set of relationships. When I see a pattern or repeating dynamic or a symbol of a thing that is important to me, … Continue reading

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Family Secrets

Every family has their secrets. The not so big one on my mom’s side was that she had a child out of wedlock and gave him up for adoption. I found this out when I was about 7 or 8 … Continue reading

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Wonder and Mystery

When the kids were younger and still at home there were so many traditions that brought us into the Holy Days…. Decorating, cookie baking, photo ornaments, and gifts. We took out the holiday dishes and napkins. We went to church. … Continue reading

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Mystery and Religion

I think that in any religion there are those who embrace their faith with authenticity and with what we might characterize as curiosity, courage and compassion. In other words, they hold to their faith with open minds and hearts.  There … Continue reading

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