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The Delight

Delight to me is a tricky word. Is delight just another word that expresses joy? Maybe, it’s a softer joy. I often say, tears of joy not tears of delight. Delight does not express deep emotions for me. A dear … Continue reading

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Earth Floor

I move through spaces and skim over them with my senses, and I think I’m pretty typical in that. When we are in New York City, the energy and pace of the city sweeps me up and before long, I … Continue reading

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Reaching Out

Earlier this week, I wrote about practical magic. One aspect of practical magic is the simple act of reaching out toward another being in generosity. The versions of this are as many as there are human beings, I suspect. Reaching … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard of Zentangle? Maybe not. How about this? Have you ever found your mind too cluttered with non-stop thoughts especially when you needed to focus on something else? Here’s where Zentangle might just help. Zentangle is an … Continue reading

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Return Again: Born and Reborn Again

Editor’s Note: Rev. Jan wrote this in 2016, and it seems to be a beautiful reminder of how resistance itself can have it’s own very important role in our journeys. I wrote this poem in an attempt to describe my … Continue reading

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Something Wrong

I wonder how many times in our lives someone communicated to us this message: “There’s something wrong with you!”  Of course, the message is never delivered just like that. The “something” is likely defined more specifically, and then the charge … Continue reading

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Your Code

It’s alright to live by your own code. After A Long Dry Spell, by Tomas Transtromer Tomas Transtromer, a Swedish poet, lived his adult life and created his poetry in post-World War II Europe. When I read this line from … Continue reading

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