Welcome To My Home

Welcome to my home, please ignore the mess, it is well lived in.

I tell this to everyone that enters my home because, well, I’m embarrassed by the clutter that always seems to gather in the corners, then spill out into the floor and around the windows, onto the bookshelves and down the hallway…. We all know what this is like, at least at one point in our lives. 

I am a collector of books, rocks, sticks, feathers, owl and cat figures found in a thrift store that need a little extra love, pretty glass bottles and of course crafty & nerdy things like D&D figures that need a coat of paint and bells and ribbon for our next crafting project at Magical Arts & Crafts. But I still welcome people into my home, just as I welcome people into my heart. 

We are all cluttered with emotional baggage, (I’d say experience). And to have a gift of welcoming is a special gift. Being able to share myself with others and be kind to their needs and hospitable to their emotions is something special. 

When I learned to take my ego out of my hospitality I became full of love and delight that what I do for others really does help them and lift them up, more than physically but also emotionally. 

I was recently thanked for being so kind, and I was puzzled by this gratitude. Is it not human nature to be kind to people, to be welcoming? I suppose not in the world we live in today. But if my welcoming light can shine just a little on one person I have then succeeded in welcoming people into my cluttered soul. 

~Candice Currier Carver

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4 Responses to Welcome To My Home

  1. Peggy A says:

    Love this reminder, Candace, thatckindness eats cleanliness in our home anytime!!

  2. Peggy A says:

    Candace, thank you for this wonderful reminder that kindness should set precedent over cleanliness in my home all the time.

  3. Carol Richardson says:


  4. Denise says:

    This is lovely, Candace. You know yourself well, and that’s wonderful.

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