Metamorphosis: Change

There is a difference between change and transformation.

When we perceive the first notion that change is afoot, it is my observation that most of us presume the worst.  The change that we have heard about immediately imposes itself, in our minds, as an interruption to things, processes, programs, and relationships that are important to us.  We presume that the change will mean things that we don’t want, and we move in our  various ways to oppose the change.

Why do we do this?  Perhaps the cause is ancient and buried in our DNA, but it may also be because we have had too many experiences where change, in fact, did disrupt the things, processes, programs, and relationships that were important to us.  I think that may be true for some individuals, but I suspect that what is at stake is an ancient spiritual truth.  We identify ourselves too intensely with things, processes, programs, and relationships.  When we do that, any change in any of those aspects threatens who we think we are.

Truth?  We are each larger and better than the things, processes, programs, and even the relationships in our lives.  Each of them is important, but ultimately, they are not who we are.  They are ALL going to change, over time.  Everything does.   We can stop the automatic fear that change in a thing, process, program, or relationship that we are connected to evokes in us.   We can choose not to see automatic doom in change.  When we allow ourselves to ask, see, listen, and discern, we allow not only the highest honor for others in our lives, but ultimately for the changes that are needed in our own lives.

When we do this, we become renewed people.  That’s transformation. That is metamorphosis.  The clutching, frightened, petty self becomes the best self that we really are.

Things, processes, programs, and relationships to which we connect are going to change, today.  How shall we respond?

Bob Patrick

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