Journeys: Coming Home

The other day I read an article about a dog whose owner of several years had given her up to a shelter in order to accommodate new puppies in the household.  In short order, “Lady” escaped from the shelter and, attempting to return to her home,  traveled nearly 30 miles.  She was taken in by a woman who found her on the road, and when the woman brought her to the local shelter to have her scanned, they found the microchip registered to her original family.  When they were contacted, though, the family refused to take Lady back.  At this point, even the woman who had found her, no longer wanted her.  A 30 mile journey, only to face rejection.

So many of us have been in a similar position.  Longing for acceptance, struggling to find our place, wanting desperately to feel worthy of love, yet facing rejection at every turn.  We can empathize with Lady because, on some level and to some degree, we have been there…

This story has a happy ending, though.  After reading about Lady online, a wealthy animal lover in Florida adopted her, and has taken her into her home to live with her and among the numerous other animals she has rescued, on her ranch.  Because of her willingness to endure that long journey, love found Lady, and Lady found a home (even if it wasn’t the one she thought she’d been heading toward).

What if we could see all of our sacrifices, struggles, and misfortunes as necessary to illuminate the path toward where we truly belong?  What if all of the tragedies we endure and the abandonments we face are stepping stones leading us Home?  How would this perspective allow us to have hope, even when all seems lost?

~ Christiana

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