December 11–Hope: American Christmas 2017

For certain ones of our public figures to call themselves Christians is not only absurd, but obscene. Regardless of your belief in the literal Christ, the metaphorical Christ has a story that is true and life-affirming. Christmastime focuses on Christ as a child. It is imperative that he comes from humble beginnings. The irony (which is lost on many) is that humility is the pathway to power. Only by overcoming the fears of the ego can we enter into communion with the true Self we were created to be. Too many in the churches these days have no interest in humility, and in turn, have no interest in Christ.

I believe in the Hindu concept of Karma. Energy put into the world comes back. While it’s important to fight for justice in order to help reduce suffering, the perpetrator of injustice will get what is due. That piece is not our concern.

American Christmas, 2017

What child is this, who when laid to rest
you snatched from his bed of straw?
The Supreme name, you’ve taken in vain,
each of you.
You shall seek, but you shall not find heaven.

What child is this, who when laid to rest,
you stole from him, gifts from the wisest of men.
You shall love the gold, your god, with all your
and be comforted only by metal.

Haste. Haste. The child grows to a man.
His innocence gives way to power.
My faith, it is this: Truth is written in
Life will damn you, for that is the law.

Lorena Griffin

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2 Responses to December 11–Hope: American Christmas 2017

  1. Lydia Patrick says:

    Very powerful!

  2. Peggy Averyt says:

    Wow! Your words are so honest and beautifully written. Thank you, Lorena, for your powerful statement on our current state of affairs in our country.

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