December 6–Hope: Finding My Voice

Going through airport security recently my carry on was pulled and I waited while the airport attendant went through my bag. She told me what she was about to do and that I could not add or remove anything from the bucket while she was searching. Did I have anything sharp in there? No Was there anything in there that would poke or cut her? No.

Is it my phone charger I asked – I have been searched for that before. No, she says. We saw that right away. Turns out it is the Good n Plenty I have packed – best thing for my nerves and stomach upset that I sometimes get during take off and landings. Yep that’s it. Apparently people hide other things in candy.

So, you’ve been stopped before? At the airport?

No, at the Courthouse. I’ve been involved in some protests and have had my purse examined a few times. She looks at me and one eyebrow goes up while she smiles.

I’ve found my voice I say.

Found your voice- I like the way that sounds she says. What have you protested?

I tell her about the Women’s March and the Healthcare March in Atlanta. I talk about the March at the airport when certain cultures were banned from entering the United States. I tell her about holding a sign at the Gwinnnett County commissionsee’s meetings when those awful things were said about John Lewis.

Impressive she said.

Not really. I’ve been silent for a long time and afraid to cause a stir, unsure of my footing should I stand up for something. It took many friends’ kind words of encouragement and a community of support at my church- but….. then it happened- I found my voice.

It was time to move on as another bag was coming along to be searched but as we said our farewells she said. I’d like to find my voice. Can you help me with that?

That makes me feel hopeful… finding my voice.

Sure I said. Here is my e-mail. Look me up and I can point you to some sites and connect you with some communities where all voices are heard. I look forward to talking with you again.

Lydia Patrick

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2 Responses to December 6–Hope: Finding My Voice

  1. Lorena griffin says:

    I love those chance encounters that feel like were “meant to be.” People are good

  2. Peggy Averyt says:

    Wow! A scary experience turned into an enlightening experience, thanks to you finding your voice. Go, Lydia!

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