Eight Minutes of Delight

They show up in my social media from time to time: lions, chickens, lizards, owls, goats, bears, donkeys, kangaroos, deer, cows, ducks, cats, parrots, koalas, pigs, even fish and of course, dogs, so many dogs–all engaged in whatever acrobatics needed to hug and love on their human beloveds. 

Here’s a video–eight minutes worth–of loving scenes that are sure to delight your life.  Think of it as eight minutes of delight.  Keep it around for whenever you need to smile, to sink into the soft places of love and connection. All of these animal-human scenes lead me to ponder what delight is rooted in. It must at least be relationships that have grown an abundance of love. When I watch these scenes, I find myself wondering who is more delighted, who is more touched, who is more in need of the connection, who is “saving” whom?  The animal?  Or the human?  Probably a little bit of both in the world of delight. 

~Bob Patrick

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  1. katrina yurko says:

    What a delightful 8 minutes!

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