The Delight of Playday

2023 June The Path of Delight – Playday – Lydia Patrick

Like most dogs Millie loves to look out the window. If a car passes she sees it. If an animal runs through the yard she lets us know. If anyone comes to the door she is on her feet barking the second the car stops in front of the house. We know this is typical behavior for a hound like Millie. 

Her bark sounds ferocious. She is loud and ominous. What people don’t know is that she is terrified and if any of these distractors were to enter the house she would disappear around the corner and retreat to her crate. It takes at least a dozen visits before she can calm herself with guests and even with that she remains hidden just around a wall or a corner. Whatever trama she experienced in her first 11 weeks before we got her remains deep inside of her. She is not mean or vicious in any way. She is just terrified. 

For this reason we look for ways to fill her with joy and happiness.  One day a week we take her to Funnyones doggy day care. She will eagerly venture out into the scary garage to get in the car if I tell her we are going to Funnybones. When we arrive she literally DRAGS me to the door and then does not look back but heads straight towards ‘Bryan’ or ‘Jackson’ or ‘Kenny’ and the big gate where her fur buddies are waiting for a full day of play and frolic. 

We go every week as it fills our hearts with joy to see her so happy to be with friends who don’t judge, mistreat, or shun her. Together they run and slobber and sniff butts all day long. Her happiness is everything. Her joy is our joy. 

~Lydia Patrick

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