Ecology: Winter’s Grace

Winter's grace

Reaching for White

The sun rose on fields
snow blown and misted
ghostly swirls and dervishes.
No fog this–––
for fog simply lies.
No–––this was living
as it arched and twisted,
fingering out to the road
and reaching for me
like the shade of a beloved friend.
There was white inside,
trying to seep out of pores,
I felt it strain
trying to mesh and meld
with this sentient wraith
fingers touching
and suddenly
I am the morning mist
dancing in the crystal air.

~Lisa Shields (2006)

During the winter months, when the weather is cold and the outdoors seem uninviting, we are often tempted to huddle indoors.  The earth seems lifeless, but we know better, don’t we?   She is peaceful in her dormancy, and she is waiting for life to begin anew.  Nature is easily as ready to bestow her grace upon us during these frosty days as when the warmth of the sun can be felt upon our skin.  Walk outside.  Breathe the chill air into your lungs and feel how alive you are, how alive the earth is still, even as she sleeps.  Feel the pulse of nature beating toward spring, as the seasons advance in their eternal cycle.  The warmth will come again, though in the meantime, we have a glorious opportunity to embrace the cold, and be inspired.

Feel how alive you are – how alive the earth is – in your connection.

~ Christiana

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