Ecology: Everyday Miracles


Even on the most ordinary of days, the world is alive with everyday miracles.  That an acorn grows into an oak tree is a miracle.  That the tides of the earth’s oceans are reliant on the moon in outer space is a miracle.  That the outdoor temperature can be well below zero, and yet the cardinal sings, is a miracle.  Nature is truly a banquet of miracles.

Yes, science can explain these occurrences, so I suppose none of them fit the primary definition of the word “miracle”, but each is uniquely marvelous.  Awesome, in the literal sense of the word.  That human beings are able to behold the beauty in all of these things is also a miracle.  We are gifted with consciousness.  With this gift, however, come conscience and responsibility.

The inanimate elements of nature are present in everything that is alive.  If we look with our minds open, we can see the sun in every tree and flower, the rain in every animal, the earth in every bird…  These connections are themselves miraculous, and as we are privileged to have this awareness, we are obliged to respect the connections.  Hopefully, we are compelled to act with this respect in mind.

If you look out your window or step out your door now, what is the first thing belonging to the natural world that you see – a tree?  An animal?  Rainwater?  Another person?  Sunrise?  Take a moment to ponder your connection to this natural element.  Take a moment to honor your connection.

Take a breath, and take a moment to acknowledge the miracle.

~ Christiana


The Words of Wisdom? is a publication of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett.

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