Gray Lines

This month is about seeking the answers to our hearts’ true and deep questions. To me it is also about letting go of old boundaries. As a child everything was black and white and my life was framed within a very specific box of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’. What I have discovered as an adult is that the people and experiences I grew up to steer clear of are the people and experiences I have learned the most from. 

I am writing a song about it. Here is what I have so far. 
In a room
In a house
On an island
Lines are drawn, written down rules are clear…
But in that room in that house 
On that island
It’s the gray ones – the stark tones
That bring truth nearer to me 

When things are black and things are white 
The real bright colors stay out of sight 
But when truth comes in all its hues 
Then all those colors come shining through..

And I think the colors are clearer when they all can be seen in the light
Doesn’t matter if they’re mixed or singular, dark or too bright 
Everyone has something to show truth to he told when held up to the light. 
Let your lights shine
Let them shine 
Let all your lights shine 

In that room on that house on that island 
Rules were laid out in scripture and verse and so much prayer 
But in those prayers in that house some were unspoken
And in my heart  all I hear is their song…
Are we wrong or misplaced if we see in between the black and white 
And instead we see colors…

Welcome home to your house on your island 
Be renewed to the truth 
In your soul
Look around open up to all the colors
Find your truth and bring it home 
Make that your goal
Live your life live it large in the open 
Like a prism and all of the colors are yours

~Lydia Patrick

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