January 1 – The Threshold: The New Year

This new day dawns and with it, a New Year, both heavy and light with potential.  Fresh and ripe and juicy, opportunity is within reach.  In truth, it is always within reach, but the calendar gives us permission today to see it as attainable.  We cross the threshold into the year ahead – eyes open, minds open – and we see with clarity the possibilities.

Like footprints in freshly fallen snow, we leave behind us evidence of our presence on the path we have tread.  Our influence on each life we have touched, and every circumstance we have encountered, even as we move forward from where we have been.

If today you are carrying forth light kindled in your soul during the year or years past, let it shine – to light your way forward, but also to illuminate the lives of those whom you meet on your journey.

If you are emerging from a period of darkness, step forward and allow the light of those who Love you to comfort and fortify you for the journey ahead.

If you are still in hibernation or recovery from events of the year past, know that the Universe is even now conspiring to shower you with blessings, when you are ready to receive them.

Whoever you are, know that you are Loved.

The New Year comes. This is not a threshold that we can choose not to cross, but we can choose the cloak we wear and the posture we adopt as we step forward.

Choose a cloak of gratitude, for life and for all of the beauty that surrounds you, even if you only find it in the smallest, fleeting moments.
Choose a posture of courage, to face those periods of struggle and pain that may cross your path.
Choose to create the changes in your life and in the world that will further freedom and inspire joy.
Choose to appreciate the present moment.
Choose to be open to what comes.

You are here at the threshold, now. How will you choose to step forward into the New Year?


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  1. Lydia says:

    Well said!

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