Justice: How it shows up

Justice as a human movement toward every one having what they need to survive and thrive shows up in interesting ways.  Rumi calls justice “bestowing bounty in its proper places.”

Justice shows up naturally.  In everything that I know I want and need for myself, I know in some respect what you want and need for yourself and what people living in so called “shithole countries” want and need for themselves.  I know this because that very basic sense of justice is built into us as human beings.

Justice shows up–sort of hiding at times–in what we resist and in what confuses us. Because I have not experienced everything, because I don’t have all knowledge, because being human also means living with limitations, there are things that you need and want for yourself that may puzzle, frighten or anger me.  In each of my reactions to these unknowns, justice is waiting on me to grow into a place where I can bestow that kind of bounty where it belongs.

Justice shows up, finally, where we decide to dig in.  I rather think this last kind is a product of the first two.  I know because I am human.  I understand, eventually, because I struggle.  And then, with clarity born of the two, I decide that in this or that place, I must plant my foot, speak my voice, work with my hands, help with my heart.

Bob Patrick

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  1. Margaret Townsend says:

    Thank you for greater clarity on issues which confound so many! May we, as a nation, join together for the good of all.

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