The Muses: In Me

When I sit down to write one of these reflections, there is an interior process that I think I can observe to you.  I do a quick scan of my own interior landscape–what “voices” are speaking to me right now–voices that catch my attention, move me, trouble me, make me curious.  I then scan my more immediate external landscape: who are the people, situations and events that have perhaps done the same for me–caught my attention, moved me, troubled me, made me curious?  Then, I look around the world, a sort of global scan:  what’s going on in the world out there that has caught my attention, moved me, troubled me, made me curious?

I don’t always scan my worlds in that order.  Sometimes I start with the larger world, and sometimes, I only take this reflective look in one place.  The point is, even when I take the time to look inside, immediately around me and into the larger world, I am taking time to ask about people, things and events that engage me as a human being.  They engage me as a thinking being, but they also engage me as a feeling and relational being.


The Muses can be found in our inner, immediate and global landscapes.

The Muses are that something of interdependence which begins to weave together those aspects of my own being–thinking, feeling and relating to the worlds around me of people, things and events.  This interdependence that I believe is always there begins to formulate questions inside of me when I open to it.  It allows for insight or sight, knowing and relating into an issue that I might not have had before.  I then try to share that through a few words on this blog.

I also believe and have stated it here many times before: when the Muses speak to me or speak to you, they are almost always also speaking through us to each other.  Once they have spoken through us to someone else the same thing can happen through them to others.  This is the interdependence of our own lives at work, always at work, when we are open to it.

Bob Patrick

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