Justice: Bestowing Bounty, revisited

Rumi calls justice “bestowing bounty in its proper place.”  I find that a powerful phrase to hold in mind and heart as I consider any sort of justice work that I give myself to.  In some real sense, those who engage in social justice work are finding ways to bestow bounty in its proper places.

The bounty could be money, of course, in the way of accessing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, transportation, job training and education for those who are most vulnerable.  It might also be working to insure that human rights and the freedom and responsibility that go with those rights are in place and unhindered for any person or group so hindered.

Today, if you had such power to bestow bounty in its proper places, I wonder.  Where would those places be?  For whom would you bestow what kind of bounty?  And then, for me, perhaps what is a much more important question:  why would you do it?  What moves you to bestow bounty in its proper place in those places where you do have such power?

Why do you do it?

Bob Patrick

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