Birth: Sunrise

My son was driving me home from the airport.  It was late and cold.  Suddenly I was aware of this haunting music on the radio and that he was singing.  It has become one very important song to me, and I want you to hear it.  Click on THIS LINK and listen to Sunrise, by the group Our Last Night.

I’ve listened to it many times since our ride home that night.  It makes me cry every time. The depth of sadness and human suffering that children and teens go through when they are bullied is staggering.  There are few adults reading this who have not also experienced some aspect of bullying.  Here’s breakthrough message:  you can make it to the sunrise! Yes, YOU can make it to the sunrise!

There are these moments when we feel that we just cannot endure any longer.  And yet! If we endure for one more minute, that makes making it for the next  minute easier.  Before long, we have reached through the long night, and it is sunrise! Light dawns!  We can see our way more clearly!  We can breathe freely!  That experience makes facing the next night a little easier.

There are people today, young people and not so young people, who are still caught in the hole, still believing all  those negative, bullying voices in their heads who have no one calling them to the next sunrise.

Who do you know that needs to hear this message?  Who needs to be challenged to make it to the sunrise?  Is it you?  Is it a neighbor?  Is it a kid on your street?  A friend?  An enemy?  If someone comes to mind, encourage them to make it to the sunrise.  Send them the video.  Call them.  Tell them your story–how you made it to the sunrise and why that matters.  Affirm for them the final and best words of this song:

 “I won’t go to my grave until a difference is made.”

Every life makes a difference.  Every birth.  Every birth gives way to the next sunrise.

Bob Patrick

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