The Muses: Rest, Reflect, and Be Inspired

On Saturdays we take a break from the Words in order to rest and reflect, but this month we’re doing things a little differently.  In honor of the Muses, we are adding just a little inspiration for your Saturday.  It is our hope that it feeds your spirit…

Image ©Richard North (creative commons)

Image ©Richard North (creative commons)

Today (or this week), go to someplace you’ve never been before.  Breathe.  Bring yourself to be fully present in the space.  Notice what surrounds you, beyond merely what you see.  What sounds do you hear?  What aromas do you smell?  How does the air around you feel?

Is there more there that is new to you than just the location itself?  Is there anything familiar, in spite of the newness?  Take everything in…

Then, if you are moved to do so, create something (draw, write, hum, dance…) with this experience as your inspiration.



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