All is Welcome Here: Bring it On!

What brings you here today?  Are you lost and seeking familiarity – something recognizable to help you find your way back to your comfort zone, or to a new path entirely?  Are you “found” and desiring to rejoice and share your sense of wholeness?  Are you cold or anxious and in need of warmth or comfort?   Are you overwhelmed and seeking a place to rest your spirit?

Did you wake up to this new day with dread or with delight?  Or are you somewhere in between, perhaps cautiously optimistic – or even slightly uneasy – about what today has in store…?

Bring it.

Bring all of your fears and dreams and anxieties and gifts, your joys and your sorrows, your concerns and your hopes.  Not a drop of it will be turned away.

Though you may be broken, even your brokenness is welcome here.

Perhaps you have come to be reminded that your particular brand of difference is shared by others.  Come in!  We are all “different”, and that fact comforts us as we seek community together.  Look around you – we are all here in search of growth and healing, inclusion and understanding.  We are screamers and listeners and sleepers and insomniacs.  We are imperfect and discontent, and we are present.  We are wise, and we are foolish.  And all of it is welcome.

“So bring your laughter and bring your tears,
Your busy lives and your careers;
And bring the pain you carried for years.
All is welcome here.”*

If you arrive with an open mind, a loving heart, and hands willing to serve the world and your community, know that whatever you bring to this space at this moment is welcome.  We invite you in with all that you carry, all that you are.  If you cannot lay your burdens down just now, if you carry your baggage with you across the threshold, rest assured – all is welcome here.

~ Christiana

*Lyrics by Miten, ©2002-2017

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