Sustenance: Soulitude

There are days when it comes time to get into bed and I am simply spent.  Although I haven’t accomplished all I had intended, I don’t have a single drop left to give to the day.  I know, then, that I am in need of something.  If I have reached this point, I am neglecting an essential aspect of my Self that requires my care and attention.

Navigating the often chaotic nature of modern life can take a toll on anyone.  Sometimes what we need is to remove ourselves from the fray and seek clarity.  Especially if we wish to be able to continually relate to the world with a compassionate heart, we must acknowledge that the first person with whom we need to practice compassion is ourselves.  Making the time to connect with yourself, undistracted, is essential to wellbeing.  When this is done with intention, it becomes a spiritual practice: Soulitude.

Finding soulitude can be challenging, especially when there is always another item on the to-do list left to accomplish, a constant lingering feeling of something undone.  Often, for me, it is to be found in solitude and silence, but for you it might just as easily reside in music, or movement, or quietly deep connection with others.  We live into soulitude in many ways, including meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi… how you practice soulitude will be unique to your own needs and temperament.  What is essential, though is that you find an activity which enables you to delve within yourself, quiet your mind, and free yourself from the distraction that occurs when your internal dialog is dominating the conversation.  Reach a place where you can hear your heart-whispers and heed your spirit’s yearning.

Soulitude is the gentle celebration of self that provides sustenance by reminding you that you are loved for who you are, at every moment of every day., and what you have to give is enough.  You are loved, you are worthy, and you are home.

How do you seek soulitude in your life?

~ Christiana

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