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Return Again: What Are You?

I watched the first of three segments of the PBS series “9 Months That Made You.” This first episode offers a profound view of the first 8 weeks of human development at the cellular level. Scientists have made significant discoveries … Continue reading

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Return Again: Born and Reborn Again

I wrote this poem in an attempt to describe my experience many years ago while hiking the Kilauea crater on The Big Island in Hawaii, and then walking the rocky shore many miles away where the lava drips into the … Continue reading

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March 20-Awe & Wonder: Namaste

Throughout this month I have been paying close attention to the world around me. Noticing small changes, and large changes…  in the trees, bushes, grass, flowers, wildlife. I am in awe of Spring as this area of our Earth awakens … Continue reading

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Science and Reason: Changing Stories

If we have within us a biological need to internalize a rather permanent story of what the world is about, then not having a story, or being confronted with the changing story of science, could trigger a personal crisis. What … Continue reading

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The Muses: Rest, Reflect, & Be Inspired

On Saturdays we take a break from the Words in order to rest and reflect, but this month we’re doing things a little differently.  In honor of the Muses, we are adding just a little inspiration for your Saturday.  It … Continue reading

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Departures: Leaving Church

The Methodist Church I grew up in was patent leather Mary Janes, a touring youth choir, and making sandwiches for homeless men at Orlando’s first shelter, our fellowship hall.  I was baptized there, confirmed there, married there.  I grew up … Continue reading

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Departures: Hello Yesterday

Developmental psychologist Erik Erickson discussed specific life stages.  There are tasks to be accomplished at each stage before moving on to the next.  Toddlers are called to assert independence; school-aged children to discover their place in community; young adults to … Continue reading

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Departures: Where Do We Come From?

“Where are you from?” is a very complex question.  Just as Unitarian Universalism draws from many diverse sources for its foundation and teachings, so is each of us individually an amalgam of what came before, the observations and experiences of … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Soulitude

There are days when it comes time to get into bed and I am simply spent.  Although I haven’t accomplished all I had intended, I don’t have a single drop left to give to the day.  I know, then, that … Continue reading

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Flight: The Gift of Wings

In celebration of motherhood… Motherhood begins with giving one’s children wings.  As a mother, it is my responsibility to teach my children what those wings are for, provide them with comfort and support as they stretch their wings and learn … Continue reading

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