Little Delights

When I think about my days, I see how it’s full of small delights. Little things that I accomplish.

I have mobility issues and I have long term effects of chemotherapy. All of these things limit me in many ways. It’s a bummer but I am learning to deal with it. 

Making my bed in the morning is delightful because I can do it. It starts my day with one accomplishment. I always tell myself that the day will be full of little delightful accomplishments. 

I love doing water aerobics and walking in the pool. I can do things in the pool that I can’t do on land. One thing is walking without pain. I hop, skip, jog and many other things and I’m just filled with delight. I can’t stop smiling because I’m so happy.

In the afternoon my fatigue sets in.  The neuropathy in my legs will tell me “Hey, you are not a mermaid”, and the pain sets in.

But I will have small delights.  Have you ever had fatigue? When you can’t stay awake and your body just shuts down. Well, I deal with that on a daily basis and crawling into my bed is such a delight. I take a pain pill and take a nap. Delightful dreams. 

I will then help my daughter cook dinner. I can’t stand at the stove so I chop and supervise. Easy job!  Then, I will be with Jalila eating dinner and watching a movie. Delightful evening. 

Late in the evening I just watch TV and do my crochet. Prayer shawls need to be crocheted. I’m currently watching Picard and I just cry when I see the Next Generation crew together again. Tears of joy and sorrow because it will soon end.

Other days are filled with craft kits that my son has a subscription for me. Amancio knows me. Looking for hats on Temu is such a delight. Love Temu! Those are my days in a nutshell. 

I’m grateful for my days. The good and the bad. You see, I’m grateful to be alive. All of my delightful accomplishments are wonderful things that I have done and will do. My awesome days are filled with little delights. 

What are your everyday delights? I would love for you to tell me.

Rita Romero 

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3 Responses to Little Delights

  1. Jen Garrison says:

    I really enjoyed reading about the simple joys you delight in. Some of mine are reminiscing about summer vacation with my family, chocolate, Japanese food, playing/talking with my cat Benny. I always enjoy walking outdoors. These things remind me that no matter how hard life gets some days, my life is still good.

  2. Peggy A says:

    Thank you for sharing your little delights. It has inspired me to note all the little delights in my life as well. Your Words of Wisdom always inspire me.

  3. Alex Bach says:

    Wow…. you painted such a vivid tapestry, with mere words…. what a great writer you are!!!

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