The Ready Room: Anticipation

Were you ready today for Daylight Savings Time to start your day an hour earlier?  Most of us groan over this annual event, and then, a few days later, our bodies and minds have largely accustomed themselves to a little less light in the morning and a little more in the evening.  With the increasing days of Spring and the warmth it brings, we will forget our groaning.

If we know that an unwelcome but inevitable event is coming, how do we respond?  Some people find comfort, a comfort which helps them brace against the unwelcome event, in preparing ahead of time.  Some people refuse to let the unwelcome event to intrude into their present moment and choose to “deal with it” when it arrives.  Both of those postures toward the inevitable are likely reflections of personality and personal philosophy than anything else.  What they both have in common is anticipation.  In order to prepare for a coming event, one has to anticipate its arrival and take action to brace oneself for it.  Likewise, choosing not to let a coming event interfere with the present requires some anticipation:  I know this thing is inevitable, but I choose not to let it ruin my life.

Notice how you deal with events that you know are coming–welcome or not.  Notice how others do as well.  Allow the variety and creativity of our interior “ready rooms.”  Enjoy the day.

Bob Patrick

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