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The Secret to Freedom

“The secret to freedom is courage.” ~ Thucydides Last month when “belonging” was the topic, I began thinking about how we find courage to choose where to belong and with whom to belong.  When I finished writing, the monthly topic … Continue reading

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Basic Belonging

It seems that when we consider the idea of belonging our first inclination is to think of belonging through our relationships with one another. This is certainly an important aspect of the human yearning for belonging. And, what if just … Continue reading

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Finding My Way

I never belonged to any group during my childhood. My mom is Puerto Rican. My father is a first generation Mexican-American. You would think that I would have a rich Latin heritage, but I don’t.  My mother decided not to … Continue reading

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Walking as Belonging

We had an appointment with a professional who was helping us do some estate planning. They sent us an email the day before reminding us of the appointment and included a helpful message: give yourself some extra time.  Our building … Continue reading

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Belonging: Getting Off the Hamster Wheel

“Hey, we’re making music twice as good.By playing what we’ve got!” ~ Shel Silverstein, Ourchestra, Where the Sidewalk Ends (p. 23) In this century we are all connected somehow, and for many of us, those connections are everything. We can’t … Continue reading

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December 6–Hope: Finding My Voice

Going through airport security recently my carry on was pulled and I waited while the airport attendant went through my bag. She told me what she was about to do and that I could not add or remove anything from … Continue reading

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December 5–Hope: What’s cooking?

In yesterday’s post, I observed the 13th century origins of the English word Hope, and how the English roots seem to be specifically Christian terms for salvation from hell by God.  I suggested that as Unitarian Universalists, we might re-shape … Continue reading

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