Metamorphosis from Within

A repost from April 5, 2014

Everything has its music.

Everything has the genes of God inside.


From time to time I become deluded into thinking that I am a permanent, fixed, unchanging being who always thinks a certain way, always stands for a particular set of values, always knows certain information and who always acts in certain ways.  These periods of delusion last for shorter periods of times than they did when I was younger, but they do still occur.

Then, something happens.  Usually, it’s that I find myself in a conversation or some other kind of encounter with another human being and I find that the mix of who we are, the things about which we talk, the activities we become mutually involved in begin to draw things out of me that I had forgotten where there or even better, that I did not know were in me.    I usually walk away from those encounters sort of in awe of who we are.  Who knew that I was capable of offering that kind of support?  Who knew she was capable of that kind of compassion?  Who knew that he had that kind of insight?  Who knew that we could pull something off like that?

Hafiz calls it the music that is in us and in everything.  He calls it the genes of God inside us–that unexpected, often unknown presence that is us, that is bigger than us, that makes itself known and then recedes into the unknown again like a tide.

We are constantly changing, constantly encountering moments when the music within us begins to play, when the God that we are begins to manifest through us and through others.  Oh yes, and this change, this music, this divine manifestation almost always happens when we are in relationship with others who also have the music and the genes.

~Bob Patrick

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2 Responses to Metamorphosis from Within

  1. Peggy A says:

    I find that often happens at UUCG, and sometimes when I initiate a conversation with someone in public that I am curious about. It is indeed godly when you learn how to make a deep connection in some way with yourself or with friends and strangers.

  2. katrina yurko says:

    Ditto on what Peggy is sharing here. One might never suspect that a certain “type” of person could have the capacity of godly insight and intuition. When I happen to move into their circle and realize the rich potential of connection I am gifted with their presence. I am also awoke to the possibilities that I almost missed and have missed many times as I streamline through life making convenient assessments about “others”.

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