Faith: Extending Trust

For me, faith comes down to the experience and exercise of basic trust.

I’ve been absent from here for a while.  About 6  weeks to be exact.  If you are a regular reader of Words of Wisdom?, you may have wondered what was going on.  You might have concluded that I had just walked away.  You may have given up looking for anything here.
I hope not.  Truth is, life just got too busy for me, and the truth of a saying became my reality.  When you say yes to something, you are automatically saying no to something else. I’ve said yes to a lot of things.  Which means I’ve automatically said no to a number of things–including being able to write here regularly.
What I want to acknowledge is that faith, like this little daily reflection venture, is a two way street.  Faith requires extending trust in someone, some thing, some set of events.  Those people, things and events also extend some trust toward us.

Ponder that for a while. If there is no extension of trust, we are not talking about faith.

What is the nature of your ability to extend trust–and to receive trust from others?

Bob Patrick

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