Storehouse: Water Meditation

“A central component of spiritual life is recognizing that practice is not about ensuring that we feel secure or comfortable. It’s not that we won’t feel these things when we practice; rather, it’s that we are also bound to sometimes feel very uncomfortable and insecure, particularly when exploring and working with our darker emotions and unhealed pain.”

– Ezra Bayda, “The Three Things we Fear Most”

As I write this, I am at the beach.  The sky is grey and foreboding as a major storm moves in.  The water and the wind know this, and they announce the turbulence that is to come.

beachA full storehouse always has more in it than we first see. So our souls and the feelings that come with this human package that we are.  We all enjoy feelings that are pleasant, light and socially acceptable.  The storehouse also includes the feelings that sometimes are unpleasant, heavy and the kind which we often don’t want to talk about or, worse, we find others don’t want to hear about.

All of our feelings are important in our human storehouse of soul and heart-felt experience–if we pay attention to them.  When we go into our soul’s storehouse of feelings and notice what is inside, each of them has something to say to us about ourselves and our relationships in the world and to the world of Spirit.  If we do not pay attention, they will morph into emotions that propel us into actions that we may later regret.  An emotion is a feeling trying to get our attention!

Imagine walking into a storehouse full of all that we need for our health and survival and failing to notice what’s there.  What is your storehouse of feeling calling you to see and respond to today?

Bob Patrick

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  1. Peggy says:

    Great words of inspiration. Thanks, Bob. I am really enjoying these words of wisdom from all of you.

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