Harvest: Air Meditation

What is the “big idea”, the vision, of Harvest?  That’s what the element of Air brings to us in all matters.  Air is vision and big picture–vision.

Twice in recent weeks, I have spent an afternoon at a local tea shop enjoying a mix of herbal tea and wonderful conversation with dear friends.  In the space of good company, good tea, comfortable but simple atmosphere, my friends and I were able to share with each other the things that inspire us, the things about which we are passionate, the ideas and dreams toward which we work.

These sharings are a celebration of the Air of Harvest.  Is there an idea that keeps showing up in your imagination?  Is there a dream or vision that you have for making even a small corner of the world  better place?  For some people these gifts of Air appear as little intrusions.  For others, they fairly consume the imagination, suggesting next steps and possible scenarios for action.  However such ideas occur to you, they are the gifts of Air in your life.  They can be harvested simply by paying attention to them, asking them questions, jotting them down, and when the time is right, sharing them with someone else.  Very often, it is my experience that that kind of sharing produces an even greater harvest as the one I share with responds in such a way as to deepen and expand my vision for the idea.

What idea is Air supplying you with today? Don’t discount it, however wild or irrelevant it may seem.   Your idea, your vision may evolve and become a harvest for someone else.  After all, harvests always and only result from a seed.  A seed of a new idea.  That’s all the next harvest may take.

Bob Patrick

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