Repost: Wonder and Mystery

Reposted from December 19, 2023

When the kids were younger and still at home there were so many traditions that brought us into the Holy Days…. Decorating, cookie baking, photo ornaments, and gifts. We took out the holiday dishes and napkins. We went to church. We lit candles and sang songs. We prepped the lasagna. We drove around to look at houses decked out in holiday lights.  We went back to church. We watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street. We visited family. We talked about the difference between gifts and time spent with loved ones. We went back to church. 

Now that our kids are older and gone and starting their own holiday traditions I find myself filled with some mixture of relief, sadness, and hope. 

I am relieved that the pressure to make sure everyone has a good holiday is no longer on my mom shoulders. I don’t have to stay awake until everyone else is asleep to do those things that can’t be done while they are awake. I am not in charge of everyone’s schedule and lists. 

I am sad that not ALL of the traditions and wonder we surrounded our children with have been packed up and taken to their own grown up and adult lives. 

Turns out they have their OWN IDEAS of the holy and the sacred and what is mysterious and wonderful. Annnnnnd, those ideas are pretty great actually…. 

But, the biggest feeling I have is hope. Because what I am learning it  is that is not what I believe or how I celebrate so much. I am just one speck in this vast universe. 

It is beloved community and what we EACH bring to the faith table we share that brings the mystery and wonder into the season. 

~Lydia Patrick

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