Renewal: The Significance of Relationships

The relationships we have with our family and friends enrich our lives in myriad ways, and taking the time to nurture them is one way we can feed our souls.

Until this summer, I had been estranged from my father for more than ten years.  Looking back, I cannot point to one singular event that precipitated the rift; it was more like a slow drifting apart, until it seemed there was a veritable chasm separating us.  What I am certain of, however, is that the loss of this connection had taken a toll on my soul.  I wasn’t at all aware of just how much it had affected me until the moment that we reconciled, which was brought about by my simple decision one day to reach out and re-open communication between us.  Renewing that relationship sparked something that began a rekindling of my spirit.  Immediately I began to feel the difference.  In an instant, I felt renewed.  And so did he.

At times we may forget how important the relationship connections we have with others are to our own spiritual health.  Or perhaps you are the kind of person who is acutely aware of this, and cherishes these connections.  In every case, however, we can benefit from taking the time to consciously acknowledge our connections to those around us, and make an effort to revitalize them.

Is there someone in your life from whom you have been separated for too long?  Or perhaps someone with whom you are in touch, but that would benefit from knowing they are on your mind at this moment?  Keeping our relationship connections alive in a loving way is one way to renew our spirit (and to aid in the renewal of someone else’s).

~ Christiana

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