Storehouse of Wisdom

Reposted from Nov. 11, 2013

Where is your storehouse of wisdom?  When you need help, guidance, direction and clarity, what is the storehouse that you go to?

I am confident that the many people reading this will have varying answers.  Some go to the storehouse of sacred scriptures in one of many traditions that hold texts as sacred vessels of wisdom.

Your storehouse may be collections of poems of beloved poets whose words, images and meter speak into your heart, your life’s experience and which call you forth into Something True.  The same can be said of many writers, whether of the Transcendentalists like Emerson and Thoreau, or ancients like Marcus Aurelius and Plato, or even fantasy writers like Madeleine L’Engle or Ursula K LeGuin.

Your storehouse may be a hero whose life is so exemplary for you that when you feel lost you need only think of him/her to find the guidance you need.  In the same way, you may find guidance from a storyteller whose stories come to mind when you approach the storehouse of wisdom.  Perhaps your storehouse is in the presence of a trusted one who listens well.

For others still, a quiet walk, a still and silent room, a cushion or chair on which to sit, be still and enter Silence is the place where the doorway to the storehouse of wisdom stands.

Finally, you may be one of those who finds the storehouse of wisdom in each of these places at different times, during different seasons in your life.  The point is, Wisdom makes herself available to us if we but approach her.  She will appear wherever we look, however we are open. We will find that she fills the storehouse with what we need at the time.  Where is your storehouse of wisdom today?

~Bob Patrick

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